Jewish dating new jersey

Jewish dating new jersey

more Jewish Remains of the Day – With the support of the Gottesman family, we are rekindling connections with the Newark community 50 years after the city was torn apart with riots.

Here, find out how teachers are learning to connect Newark’s history with the once-vibrant Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.

Another recent phenomenon are the Jewish speed dating services and agencies (also known as Hurry Date or Hurry Date), which arrange speed dating sessions for Jewish singles - allowing single men and women to meet many potential mates in one evening, face to face, not online.

Speed dating has become very popular in places such as New York (NYC - Manhattan), Los Angeles LA California, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, the UK, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Australia, Montreal & Toronto Canada, Miami Florida, Houston, Denver Colorado (CO), Cleveland, Las Vegas Nevada (NV), and Boston Massachusetts.

According to Jews for Judaism, the metropolitan area push is the “grand finale” of “ Behold Your God,” a five-year, $22 million international campaign that is targeting 66 cities outside of Israel with populations of 25,000 or more.