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There were several reasons behind the death of his siblings.

One of his brothers died because of overdose heroine while the other one committed suicide and the fact was failure to deal with overdose in consuming drug. Saadiq started his career as lead vocalist and he got associated in rhythm and blues for it. He introduced it along with brother Dwayne Wiggins in the very time which also moved him with professional success in the very time.

She is the third child out of four, born to mother Wendy and father Richard Stoker. It was then; she started to like Soul music and started to practice on her vocals.

Although born in Dover, she was raised up in Ashill, a small village south of Dover.

With support from her mother, she started taking music lessons and impressing people. With more albums coming out in the following years, she made new records and won more awards including two BRIT awards and also a Grammy after being nominated 5 times, straight.