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Though 12 percent of the state's residents are black, 43 percent of death row inmates are.New We're tracking how many execution drugs Texas has in stock.Texas, which reinstated the death penalty in 1976, has the most active execution chamber in the nation.

The City Of Angels resident musical mad scientist, Aeb effortlessly blends classic piano songwriting with saucy pop and ethereal flute work to craft songs that are equal parts Fiona Apple and Beck, with all the swagger of Amy Winehouse with the esoteric experimentation of Radiohead.

On this outing, Aeb, (herself a classically trained jazz musician), flirts between sexy, solo piano bar songstress and balls to the wall funky rock with her backing band of classic rock royalty.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice | Developed and maintained by The Texas Tribune | Feedback Note: The images in this app were released under the Texas Public Information Act.

Conviction summaries are gathered from TDCJ records, court documents and news articles.

In under 2 years Arms Akimbo has already opened for bands like Walk the Moon, The Muffs, and Strangers You Know, sold out several release shows, and built a universal fanbase.