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Using this definition, the number of remaining medicine wheels is estimated to be between 100 and 200, each of which has a completely unique form.

A vast majority of these wheels are found in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but some are located in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.

"The book went from 6,000 copies to 600,000 copies in less than three months", he said.

In 2009 he released Ghosts Among Us, which goes into detail about ghosts and the spirit world.

In recent years batteries have changed out of all recognition. Today the cells are components in battery systems, incorporating electronics and software, power management and control systems, monitoring and protection circuits, communications interfaces and thermal management. Mesopotamia, incorporating Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria, known in the West as the Cradle of Civilisation was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (The name means "land between the rivers") in the so called Fertile Crescent stretching from the current Gulf of Iran up to modern day Turkey. the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia developed the World's first written language.