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Chelsea Handler rocks some serious boots while catching a flight out of LAX Airport on Saturday (January 30) in Los Angeles.Earlier in the week, the 40-year-old comedienne was spotted having dinner with chef Bobby Flay at Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica. The week before, Chelsea told Ellen De Gerenes that she was going on a date with a famous guy who she never met before. 10 pictures inside of Chelsea Handler flying out of LAX…

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Her pre-filmed segments on “Lately” were always strong, and it’s been reported that nearly 80 percent of millennials watch Netflix programming. Her celebrity interviews achieved more in six minutes than Jay Leno ever did with 15.

I’ve never had one, and if I wanted to get my hands on one, I’d want to know why I’d need it,” she said. So far the new show has been a sedate lazy susan of her best friends like Drew Barrymore and, sigh, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The launch coincides with the debut of Handler’s new Netflix series, , where the technically disinclined comedian attempts to get a handle on what technology is doing to both our culture and our minds.

The humorous, but also potentially practical, app is designed to get you out of awkward situations – like bad dates or boring meetings, for example.

Then he tried to hire a few of his buddies to help with some of his businesses but that didn't work well either."I went from a basement apartment in Queens to a 50,000-square-foot house and when you're successful, it's valuable to have people around who represent what was there before all the confusion started," said Fif."But you know what happens?