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I also have the special challenge of being permanently attached to an insulin pump.I’ve found that guys don’t really care, but I am self-conscious about it.University of Cincinnati clinical psychology graduate student Jenessa Price also finds herself hesitant to divulge much about her psychology training early in a relationship.

I was less keen on an overly-self conscious effort to engage the 'yoof' which was demonstrated by the authors' liberal citation of 'yoof-friendly' paraphrases of Scripture.

Boy and girl establish healthy boundaries, share their hearts and fall in love. The probing, but honest self-examination questions are helpful.

Checking blood sugars every few minutes to make sure the stress isn’t making them go haywire. If you can do the estimation beforehand, you might be able to dose yourself without your date noticing. But it’s way too early to say how serious your condition really is, about how there will be times when your symptoms will force you to cancel plans because you don’t want anyone to see you that sick.

You keep your fingers crossed that you guessed right. Or that you have more doctors than any five of your colleagues put together.

For his master's thesis, he studied "gaydar" — our ability to recognize sexual orientation through observation or intuition.