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And I've come to similar realizations about my own psychology- like how one of my phobias is very much linked to the idea of not being able to trust people, and all the past experiences where a particular object was involved in a situation where I couldn't trust people, and that's the reason I'm so afraid of the object.

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Some of our polls are about general kissing questions, and others we may post to get your ideas on this site.

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Kissing Polls are a great way to get your opinion out there...

and to see what other people think about the same thing. then you can vote, or just check out the results so far.

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Use modern techniques like remote viewing to help you target demons and other sources of distress.

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    The Ministry's code of conduct aims to promote the 'preservation, maintenance of arts, culture, tradition and the identity of the nation' and 'prevent any negative effects of the arts and tradition of the nation.'Now, for the next 12 months, Miss Kwan must not step in front of any movie camera - a punishment that has caused outrage among freedom and women's groups in the country.

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    Whenever I date a guy, I think, “Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with? If tears come out her eyes because of you, I will make bloody tears come out of yours. You’ve been dating for a day, you aren’t in love, shut up.

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