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I have a 02 combo 1.7d van with the isuzu engine, was going ok then after using it i went back to go home and van wont start all normal lights come on on dashboard the only thing I have noticed was the glowlight comes on and off alot quicker that it did. I got it bump started and it went ok used it the next day ok then after that it not start again.

What you need to do is go to a Vaux dealer parts dept and purchase some "spill off" piping... I say to to do that because the tubing that Vauxhall supply is an upgraded material to cure just the problem you have and using cheaper alternatives wont work...

Does the glowplug indicator on C's indicate a fault or the fact that they're in operation? Without the heat, the fuel is hard to explode like it should.

I have the great pleasure of a vauxhall combo 04 reg, 1.7 di, Izusu engine.

Do you know if there are common things I should check or replace or does it need to go into a more kitted out garage to fault find it?