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To the world, he was known as "Chespirito." Roberto Gomez Bolanos gained fame as a comedian, but he was also a writer, actor, screenwriter, songwriter, film director and TV producer.

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He also had a notable film career, starring in such classics as "Sayonara" (1957), "The Great Escape" (1963), "The Americanization of Emily" (1964), "Grand Prix" (1966) and "Victor/Victoria" (1982), as well as the TV movies "My Name Is Bill W." (1989) and "Barbarians at the Gate" (1993).

Garner considers himself a shy man who avoids Hollywood glitz and is a "bleeding-heart liberal." He has devoted himself to several causes, including the plight of native Americans, coming from a maternal grandfather who was a full-blooded Cherokee.

Starring in films and on TV since the late 1950s, James Garner's probably been asked every sort of movie/acting/personal question imaginable.

Garner's career was not without battles and he won a few legal bouts, including a multimillion settlement with MCA Universal over his share of profits from "The Rockford Files." He was the youngest of three sons of Weldon and Mildred Bumgarner, a country store owner near Norman, OK.

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