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Kate Middleton, with her easy smile and long-suffering patience during an eight-year relationship, is definitely not HM.

On the other hand, Prince Harry’s on-off (currently off) girlfriend, Zimbabwe-born Chelsy Davy, fits the HM bill perfectly – which makes passions run precariously high.

And what *she* doesn't know is that it just makes her *** look bigger by drawing attention to it and adding another couple inches. Listen, eating out is expensive enough, I don't need you to add another $36 for a couple ounces of liquid that you'll inevitably complain about.

Truth: the happiest alcoholic moments in any guy's life have NEVER involved wine, so we obviously don't need it. Number 7: You get dirty looks if your car isn't spotless, inside or out.

You connect with a partner, seek emotional intimacy, communicate with them, nourish the relationship. It is actually a code, referring to emotional demands.