Shadow hearts dating outfit

One of the curious notes about Ash's first outfit is that, unlike May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, Lana, Lillie, Mallow, Kiawe and Sophocles, it is a unique outfit design in its own right, but is also directly inspired by Red's.

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, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are a group of high schoolers (and a cat) in Tokyo out to rid the world of evil by "stealing the hearts" of corrupt members of society.

Their Personas are styled after various picaresque heroes, both fictional and real.

Their mandate is to keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

Despite their ancestry, Shadowhunters are mortal and therefore vulnerable to old age and death; however, their angelic blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats beyond what's humanly possible through the application of angelic runes.

She is highly concerned about the relationship Elizabeth established with the protagonist of Persona 3, as she decided to leave the Velvet Room in order to find a way to rescue him from his fate.