Pissing dating sites

Why can’t we just play along to the crappy 80s ballads and leave KC in the clear? Apparently, this is what Nirvana fans want; a Kurt Cobain musical.

Usually, they want respect, appreciation, someone to listen, but overall the best aphrodisiac is laughter.

Make her/him feel like the centre of the universe.” Everyone says they are looking for someone genuine to love.

That means to get as many letters from their potential victims as they possibly can, per each mailbox.

This task can be accomplished by 2 ways: either through the dating sites, or by purchasing a database of e-mails of "amers" and spamming them.

Everything that is described below is merely the highlights and translation of what they say themsleves. Their work starts with opening a bunch of mailboxes. But they also use rambler.ru, yandex.ru, (or list.ru, and bk.ru, those are the same service). But they still go for it, since they pay with the stolen CC, anyway, especially if they sign up for both: Yahoo mail and