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Many Amerindian languages encode how a person obtained a given piece of information.

The two-year Master’s in Asian Studies specialisation Chinese Studies at Leiden University combines content courses with intensive and advanced language training – a programme that is unique to the Netherlands in terms of the world-class resources it offers and the quality of teaching provided.

During the programme you will acquire an excellent command of Mandarin (and, in the case of certain specialisations, of Classical Chinese), a deep understanding of the country’s internal and external dynamics, and a starting point for contextualising China within Asia.

East Asian Studies and the Research Master’s have no restriction on the number of available places.

One of the main objectives of the two-year programme Chinese Studies is to enhance Chinese language proficiency.

Approximately 6,000 languages are spoken worldwide. The study of language gives us information on the history and migration of different nations from thousands of years ago, even when we have no archaeological or written sources available to us from that time.