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7 Body Language Tweaks for Meeting More Women “I love guys who have well-built upper bodies. But if we’re talking about the sexiest body part, then I’m gonna have to go with the ab V.

I mean, anatomically speaking, it literally draws your eyes down...

If you make eye contact with a girl on the street, you're on a first date, or sitting with a girl you've been dating or married to for years, have you ever wondered what draws (or drew) her to you the most, physically?

If you're getting checked out on the subway or train (trust us, you are) is she assessing your shoulders, or pulling a card from your book and checking out how you look in your jeans? We asked 25 women from different backgrounds, birthplaces, and lifestyles to reveal the parts of a man they love the most.

It covers: Why an amputation may be needed Assessment before surgery How amputations are carried out Recovery Prosthetics Stump care Complications Psychological impact Help and support An amputation may be needed if: Unless you need to have an emergency amputation, you'll be fully assessed before surgery to identify the most suitable type of amputation and any factors that may affect your rehabilitation.