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If you want to be dating Thai girls for a long term relationship, or finding life partners. Ask yourself, if you are a smart, capable, working, intelligent Thai women, where would you be hanging out?

The thoughts of striking up conversations in public parks, shopping malls eg.

But when I do frequent the dating site I average 30-40 messages/day. You complain --more than likely-- that women don't respond to your messages.

Or rather, messages from 30-40 different men, some of them send multiple messages. I'm usually more than generous with my alternate-identity email, and they will contact me there usually as soon as I give it to them. I'm confused as to why interest suddenly disappears. And here you have a beautiful woman who has similar interests that wants to talk to you, but you ignore her?

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. You know, I was supposed to do the book tour and, you know, everything else. THORSON: I went into hiding, and they were very upset, E.