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Though rumors of their engagement have been circulating since the end of last week, her recent Instagram post finally confirms the news.

In her usual "kicking ass and taking names" style, as a lover AND fighter Rousey has had quite the year.

“He call himself a man, but he likes to put his hands on women. Elsewhere in his post-fight interview, Lewis responded to a question about taking some damaging first-round kicks to his midsection by saying, “I just gotta do number two, that’s all. I just got a boo-boo.” As far as his immediate future, the up-and-coming heavyweight said he needs to take a bit of a break, explaining, “All the training and all the sex I’ve been getting, my body needs some time off.” It’s been a tough stretch, at least in the Octagon, for Browne and Rousey, who herself was knocked out in just 48 seconds by Amanda Nunes in her long-awaited comeback at UFC 207 in December.

The pair have been dating since at least August 2015, not long after Browne’s then-estranged wife (they got a divorce in February 2016), Jenna Webb, accused him of domestic violence.

Lewis delivered some serious upper body blows to the Hawaiian before he fell on his back onto the mat.