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As an incentive, if You and a woman submitted to the site wind up dating for more than six months, You says he will pay $10,000 to the person who helped set them up (unless You's future girlfriend submits herself, in which case she would not be eligible for the cash reward).(It's worth mentioning here that we were initially suspicious about the possible word play here.

You made sure to let his family and friends know what he was up to before starting this new dating adventure.

However, ironically, you’ll find them in better shape than North Indian women. As the saying goes – it is an impossible task to please the father of your girlfriend.

On the contrary, it is far easier to please a Bengali girl’s father, since Bengali fathers are really cool.

These are available on the platforms mentioned below: i OS, Android Tinder, Thrill, Ok Cupid and Woo are positioned as dating apps.