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I make the best out of every situation and positive energy. Im a girly girl i like shopping dressing up and dancing.

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I like to have a good time and would love to chat with anyone that takes an interest. I am currently working as a assistant store manager of a store... She has decided that a marriage is nothing more then a piece of paper. i love piercings and tattoos, and personally have my eyebrow, my tongue, 3 in my lip , my nipples, my hood,and ear pierced of course. I go to NOVA medical and am graduating in May, but I will be continuing my education while I work starting this summer. I have long hair but I dress kind of like a guy, just comfortably.

I am a hopeless romantic who is looking for a girl to fall in love with and have a future with. I don't feel comfortable in girly clothes, and I don't wear make up.

I've traveled all over the world and lived just about everywhere you can imagine, and so because of that i'm a very open minded person and love meeting new people. People generally notice my beautiful blue eyes, my sense of humor, and my 13 tattoos. Here is something you should know about me: I am single and looking but... I'm a freelance makeup artist and going to school in D. As much i love to go out dancing i also enjoyed lazy weekends with movies a and cuddling.

I love reading, hiking, camping, you know outdoorsy things. I am not looking for a one night stand or a fling I am looking for long term relationship. legally I am currently married to a women she broke my heart and left me for a man. Im 20 years old attending college, I work in a bar serving cocktail on the weekends and working the restaurant in the week day. im majoring in liberal arts, and minoring in communications, and am very ambitious.

, the two maybe-lovebirds have already worked on a song together. Lo remained mum, literally giving the brave reporter the cold shoulder. In honour of the (hopefully) forthcoming Drake and J.