Prevent hyperlinks updating

You can insert content this way from any program that supports the technology of linking and embedding objects (object linking and embedding, or OLE).

Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, streaming data, and cloud services: it doesn't matter what type of data you want or where it lives, connect to hundreds of data sources with Power BI.

I am wondering if it is possible to update a database with a hyperlink.

At the same time I sometimes want to prevent Workbook_Open event code or an Auto_Open macro from running. The Open event might contain code that takes a while to run, or configures the project in a way which I don't want to happen when I start working with the file.

If the file you opened using the methods described below contains other event handlers, note that these event handlers will remain disabled until you start a macro manually (by clicking a command button or a menu entry) or if a User Defined function in your code has been called.

The main differences between linked objects and embedded objects are where the data is stored and how you update the data after you place it in the destination file.