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Hours after troubled comedienne Kathy Griffin played the victim at an awkward news conference on Friday, HBO host Bill Maher took some of the heat off of her by using a racist slur.

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There are no explanations that make this acceptable.” He then added a follow-up tweet: “And why did the audience think it was okay to laugh?

Here’s what I wish I’d been quick enough to say in the moment: “Hold up, why would you think it’s OK to use that word? But free speech comes with a responsibility to speak up when folks use that word. Maher has been particularly outspoken recently about political correctness on college campuses, and has chided protesters who have staged demonstrations when conservative figures have come to speak.

This setup sometimes leads to what can feel, in the moment, like a random car wreck, but Maher's been doing comedy for forty years.

He's addicted to provocation, and more often than not, he's driving his show into a brick wall by design."It's really old-school in that sense," says Larry Wilmore, who hosted his own series, on Comedy Central, until last year. The preparation that goes into making it look effortless like he does is extraordinary."Onstage, Maher wore a black suit, white shirt, and blue tie.

When Maher said he had to get to Nebraska more often, Sasse told him he’d be welcome, adding with a smile, “We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.” Feigning surprise, Maher shook his head, saying Then he threw up his hands and said, Senator, I’m a house nigger.” The audience groaned, then laughed when Maher said, “It’s a joke.” The outrage and condemnation was swift on, where Maher was the #1 trending topic in the U. she tweeted, adding that Maher’s show “needs to be canceled.” One Twitter user reminded Black Twitter that the Republican party was originally created to abolish slavery — and that the Democrats was the party of the KKK who fought tooth and nail to keep slavery alive.