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It is a tricky situation, a hard decision and one that can cause arguments within the family.

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During the dating period she converted and, since marraige, have moved back to Thailand where they are both teaching and speaking to the people of their Savior. I was on the same situation: my ex-girlfriend was 10 years younger (21) and we didn't have any problem, the relationship worked out fine for over a year.

well it depends, I like a guy almost 7 years my senior, and im pretty sure that he likes me, we're not dating but we're "talking" I think that you should give you and her a chance cuz if you don;t you'll regret it!! But then she said that she wanted to quit cause she was not ready for a serious relationship. Age really is nothing more than a number when you have faith, love, trust, and a commitment. This is not a big age difference - but she has to at least be out of high school before you even think about it. (If you are and she's not, then forget it - don't get the idea you can change her later.) Actually depends on the state!

If not, back off until she's older and you can have the consent of her parents. If she's over eighteen and is in favor of stepping up, go for it...otherwise, definitely don't push yourself on her or anything. In MY opinion the Lord would not turn his back on you due to an age difference between two consenting adults being united in marriage. Who out there can actually CAN say they have followed EACH word in the bible? , in the old testament, God limits man's years because "my spirit will not contend with man forever". I changed a lot between 21 and 23 because I got a job with a lot of responsibility and moved into my own place all in one go. I think many people are not ready for responsibility, marriage or family at 21 but I know some very responsible 18 year old mums as well. Now, I know that a lot of marriages fail no matter how old they are... , mark, can you give me an example of someone who wasn't mature enough at 21, but is now?

Join Our Christian Chat and Take The Relationships Quiz --- Even if she is under 18, it's okay to date if first, she is mature enough to handle dating, and second (most importantly) her parents are okay with it. Would she be mature enough to be in a serious relationship for the right reasons? Sometimes a younger woman will be interested in an older man, and sometimes not. At 21 I was very immature but at 23 I married and at 25 was a mum. For example, I am 33 and I can tell you that I have learned quite a lot since I was 21: experiences, different jobs, girlfriends, etc.

It is how old they are when you start dating and how mature and responsible you both are. Would she be mature enough to be in a serious relationship for the right reasons? For example: if the girl is 16 and you are 24, you have a ratio that is too great, but if you are 28 and she is 20, the ratio is smaller. I'm young, so from a younger person's perspective, the biggest thing I'd say is to know what her feelings are on the subject. We'll be celebrating an awesome 11 years in a couple of weeks. It depends on maturity, and on finding the right person. We do not all mature at the same age or at the same pace.