Dating a vintage singer sewing machine

Serial numbers on Singer sewing machines manufactured prior to 1900 are numbers only.

On some of the older models, which might have the brand name painted onto the finish of the machine, the lettering might be too scratched or faded to read.

Consequently, you may have to try to use the model and serial numbers as you go through the process of dating the machine. The serial number will not be the same as the model number.

Serial Numbers NA000001-NA010000 were the only Model 301 sewing machines made in 1951. Wire for portable use With the electrical wires well over 60 years old the original wire is brittle and is a electrical and fire hazard.

It consisted of only 1 wire, as we call it, with the foot controller on one end connected to the three pin female terminal housing and than connected to the wire with the electrical plug.

White was, next to Singer, perhaps the largest and best known of the US sewing machine companies.