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Falsely threaten to sue you or take your house if you don't pay up on old credit card bills? The first place to look for answers on what is and isn't allowed when debt collectors come calling is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The federal law, enacted in 1977 to curb abuses by third-party debt collection agencies, carries protections against harassment, threats, unwanted calls to the workplace and disclosing the existence of debts to friends and neighbors.

So if the check doesn't cash, call the old company and tell them.

I found a check (from work) that I apparently never cashed... I'd always thought the limit was six months, but some are telling me it's a year. Will ADP (the huge payroll company) re-issue the check if I call?

Payroll Checks are good for 90 days, in most cases.

Read the check and it should specify such conditions. You will have to mail this one back and then they reissue a new one.

You can try to deposit this one, but if it fails, it will be returned to you AND your bank will charge you a processing fee. If a check expires, it will say so -- "must be cashed within 90 days" or some such. A ten year old check from me may still be cashed, despite the fact that the name of the bank would be wrong, because the account and tracking numbers are the same.

Check Smart holds onto the check until your next payday and then cashes it.