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Updates can be obtained in four ways: While system software updates can be used with consoles from any region, Sony recommends only downloading system software updates released for the region corresponding to the system's place of purchase.

The battery must be at least 50% charged or else the system will prevent the update from installing.

If the power supply is lost while writing to the system software, the console will no longer be able to operate unless the system is booted in service mode or sent to Sony for repair if still under warranty.

OH and one more thing, before i do this on my psp i will be able to access the store afterwards won't i??

thanks in advance guys =] To be safe, I updates to 5.50 GEN-A, then 5.50 Gen-B, then 5.50 GEN-B2, then 5.50 GEN-D and finally 5.50 GEN-D2.

I did the network update on my Psp phat a few weeks ago and when I updated the firmware to the 5.00 M33, it stopped letting me use the majority of my emulators. While that is highlighted, keep clicking X until you see M33 Driver -No UMD-.