kivanc tatlitug dating - Intimidating sports colors

Legends Series: Gerald Williams Defensive Tackle1986-94It’s a dream many little boys that love football have, to one day play in the NFL.

The Seahawks were dealt a bad hand when they entered the NFL in 1976 with a green, blue and silver color palette.

You wouldn’t wear green with blue, and your football team shouldn’t, either.

Sparty has had fairly similar uni's for quite some time because they look so good, especially those helmets. 19 thanks to one of the game's strongest helmets, but the blue and bright orange color scheme is fresh as well.

A basketball school that is slowly becoming pretty adept at football too, Duke's uniforms have the feel of the old days, before youngin's came up with these fancy chrome helmets and highlighter colors. And their uniforms match their field; how many NCAA teams can say that?

Hidden images on jerseys are a surefire way to increase overall swag.