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The illness had continued for six long months before it was treated with surgery in early December 2016.

Since then, Stacy London and her photographer boyfriend Nick Onken are documenting their recovery process in a social platform, Instagram.

In the first photo, posted five days after her surgery, Stacy is kissing Nick who also looks to be having a hard time walking in crutches.

Nick explains in the same photo posted to his Instagram page that he got hit by a taxi while riding his bike in Soho just a week before Stacy underwent surgery.

Together, the couple have been slowly recovering, going from bed rest to short walks around the block.

The stunning brunette, who hosted the popular TLC show until 2013, posted photos of her recovery using a walker to take short trips around the block to get out of the house.

She had to have spine surgery because the chronic pain got so bad it was unbearable.