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How to make the bindings work with dynamically replaced element's inner Html? Here's similar problem but using this solution I'll have to query controller twice: once to get VM, second time to get view, wouldn't I? Your current data item will be passed as a parameter.

action on the controller returns Partial View on which I want to have a separate KO's viewmodel which controlls the partial view. JS EDIT - in response to first comment First read on how to retrieve a partial view via ajax. When you render your left side, on the control that is clicked to retrieve the data, add a Click binding. In your "click" function, build a url to retrieve your partial view. Call your new library function that will do the ajax call and then load the html into area that you want. I want to have the right-side controlled by a separate viewmodel which will be retrieved from server with a partial view, so I can create a general solution, reusable in many places in my project.

I'm trying to implement master-slave web page where on the left side is a control on which you can choose an element.