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For about the past 80 years taxonomists have placed nimravids in their own clade outside Felidae, but that has not kept less taxonomically scrupulous scientists from lumping them into Felidae frequently.A key differentiating character is the auditory bulla, which is a bony chamber in felids, but in nimravids only partially encased by bone, with a floor of cartilagenous tissue.

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Since recent studies have clarified the phylogenetic relationships of these carnivores I hope that in the future their status as an independent clade will be more widely recognized. The hyenas are thought to be vastly more closely related to cats than to dogs, and you can see here, much more closely related to cats than the nimravids were.

Nimravids are equally closely related to both the cats and the hyenas, so it would really make just as much sense to lump the nimravids in with the hyenas as it does to lump them in with the felids.

So here I will pull together everything I can currently get my hands on!

The nimravids appeared in the Eocene, with the oldest fossils about 37 million years old, but probably the lineage originated between 40 and 50 million years ago.

As the sun sinks behind the San Bernardino Mountains, they cast long shadows across the grass. A short walk away, other family members lie buried high in the surrounding rock, looking down on the gathered throng.

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