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Yet, as with previous loans in Egypt’s long history of international financial assistance, the current agreement reflects not only economic considerations, but also the political priorities of multiple global and regional actors.

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Americans who were already established in both fields migrated there and simultaneously took advantage of and added to the flourishing creative scene.

Alan Fletcher, a British designer who was working in the United States in the late 1950s, returned to London at around the same time as American designers such as Bob Gill and Lou Klein were arriving.

These film narratives are impish, witty and bitter at the same time.

The end result of their structure, style and expression is not a mosaic, but rather a unique movie entity.

You always look (or feel like you look) like a deranged duck in lingerie, trying to give a lap dance or a blow job. I’m a gal who’s first to admit she’s uncoordinated.