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Yet there is also a sense of improvisation and limitlessness about them which calls to mind Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, or early Verve.

When I speak to the four of them on their tour bus, it becomes very clear that the band has a remarkable chemistry.

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante will have to pay his estranged wife Nicole more money, but it's a light year away from what she wanted. He was only paying her $20k so it sounds like he lost, but that's not the case for several reasons: -- John was paying Nicole $20k, TAX FREE, meaning he had to pay Uncle Sam, which is almost another $20k.

Now she gets $53k a month, but she has to foot the tax bill. As we previously reported, Nicole argued the original $20k a month didn't cut it, especially since John's got about $14 mil in his bank account.

-- Nicole was asking for $75k a month, TAX FREE, which is in the vicinity of $150k a month.