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Matt's told you several times that he was not a fan of the show, which is why this was such a big deal when this came out. But this is me today with Amber." We're very happy. Then on the first episode of this season, Catelynn went to him for help and it was like he'd never talked to her before. I don't know exactly what his relationships are with everybody else, but I know what he's done with me. In the most recent episode, you casually mentioned you had borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. The borderline personality is a new diagnosis that I obviously don't want to believe, but my therapist believes it. Last week, when Catelynn was having a hard time, I knew everyone was going to be mad at her , but she was really just trying to get out of her depression. I wouldn't be in New York right now, that's for sure.It's like, He used to say all that mean stuff about Jenelle and them [on Twitter]. I think people need to open up their minds and accept that people can change. I remember years ago when I first met him, he looked at me and he said, "Listen, if you don't get this under control, you're going to be addicted," because I was just starting partying and taking pills. My life stops when I'm depressed because there's no getting out of it. I think when it comes to things like that, she's just younger and she might not know how to ask certain things. I think my life would be going OK, and I also don't think that I would've been so heavy into drugs, but I think I would have been an addict probably.

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“When I started dating homeboy, I genuinely cared for him. And then, you know, I would be out with him and they would take pictures of us and I'm like, okay....

But in my head, I'm like, ‘I'm not going to be famous.’ I didn't even think about fame, like, it was not in my head.

Amber Heard is making her relationship with Elon Musk Instagram official!

The 31-year-old actress shared a picture of herself wearing a bold red lip as she has her arm around the 45-year-old billionaire, as he sports a giant kiss mark on his cheek on Sunday (April 23) as the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner.

, which dropped Friday, 21 Savage stopped by "The Real After Party" on Real 92.3 LA to discuss a number of topics, including his relationship with Amber Rose, the recent drama surrounding Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, and more.