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aasta lõpuks sai selgeks, et ega ma ikka ei suuda pühenduda ei raadio- ega teletööle, sest sedavõrd tugevalt kiskus lava peale eputama.

Pealegi olid mestis hea sõber Olav Ehala ja kogu see uus generatsioon ning ka mina tahtsin olla selle seltskonna liige.

Le climat y est de type montagnard en raison de la présence du massif alpin.

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In other words, subjunctive mood demonstrates that the utterance content has not coincided with reality. If we refer to the language means representing the judgement by morphological method as depicted above, then the meaning of each finite form would be "abstract image/design encompassing the judgement (logical subject logical predicate) model." The primary function of finite forms is to express this meaning. smysli)2 of wish, intent, invitation, call, order, request, desire etc.; "being able to do something"; "condition"; "the necessity of the action"; "the conditions when the action could have potentially happened but actually did not occur", namely "unrealized possibility"3 [7, p. The subjunctive mood is an indirect mood showing that "the utterance content does not correspond to reality" [See 11, p. In principle, this mood refers to situations of hypothetically unreal actions or unreal actions concerning the possibility of the action at a particular situation or mood of compromise as perceived by the speaker and unreal actions as a wish (unreal wish) [See 22, p. In short, subjunctive mood is a verb conjugational category that articulates that the action has not come into effect in reality while it should have happened or it was possible and probable to have occurred through morphological method [5, p. World languages make use of the language means expressing the meaning of modality where the utterance content does not correspond to reality and use these forms in their grammars. As can be seen from the examples shown above, the subjunctive mood forms are not primary elements in Turkish.

Subjunctive mood forms in Turkish are (E/İ)r idi (its negative form is -m Ez idi ) and -(y)Ec Ek idi. Guzev, Ozlem Deniz Yilmaz SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD (THOUGHT-MOOD) IN TURKISH1 As well known, judgement is a way of thinking which is composed of two components, namely logical subject and logical predicate. However, the sole categorical meaning of finite forms is not confined to "judgement image". Guzev, Ozlem Deniz Yilmaz, 2013 ary function of these finite forms is that they express modality, tense, manner of action, aspect etc. This fact led some Turkic language researchers (primarily D. Instead, these forms are secondary combined units composed of two morphemes [-(E/i)r idi (its negative -m Ez idi) and -(y)Ec Ek idi].

Modality is a semantic category which expresses the relation of the utterance content towards the reality and along with the attitude of the speaker towards the state of affairs described by the utterance. Vinogradov, mood is the expression of modality by grammatical method [Cited by 21, p. The literature makes a distinction between two types of moods: direct (indicative) and indirect (oblique moods). Accordingly, these studies helped pave the way for the discussion, investigation, and recognition of these abovementioned forms that had not been previously discussed in Turkic language grammars.4 Consequently, this article aims to render a contribution to the recognition of the concept/meaning of "subjunctive" in addition to the recognition of subjunctive mood forms bearing this modality meaning in Turkish. "Türk^ede Kiplik Belirte^leri ve ^ekim Ekleri ili^kisi Üzerine Bazi Gözlemler".

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