Ruined castle dating from 1215 Xxx chat sverige

Information: Touris office Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, phone: 06372/9220106The abbey church, Otterberg's landmark built in the Romanesque-Gothic transitional style, has weathered all wars and unrests over the centuries nearly unscathed.

The Cistercian monks built the church for their monastery in the 12th and 13th century.

ruined castle dating from 1215-73

A second castle was built in the bailey a few years later with an unusual five sided keep and it is this structure which is now in ruins.

The interconfessional church, built in 1131, is only slightly younger than the Speyer Cathedral.

The Devin Castle atop a rock where the Morava River meets the Danube River is an important Slovak archaeological site and houses a museum.

Bratislava is blessed with nature’s bounty in the form of the Little Carpathian mountains, vineyards and forest trails.

As a hospital church it offered pilgrims a place of rest and medical attention.