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You took me out onto that balcony to have a cigarette or something and you said, "You're not gonna believe what Shepard just said. He can really act.'" I don't think I've ever felt better than that day. It became a spot in the '50s and ‘60s where a lot of abstract impressionist painters and sculptors all moved out of the city and set up their studios.

He's afraid of absolutely nothing." ETHAN HAWKE: It annoys me when I read these kinds of interviews where two people who know each other are doing an interview. Then when we were all packing up to leave I saw you and Sam Shepard whispering before he left. In 1949 he moved out to an area in eastern Long Island near Amagansett called the Springs.

He also starred in Open Range, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Terminal and Criminal.

In 2008, he starred in the Harvey Milk biopic Milk as his emotionally unstable lover, Jack Lira.

Da ciò deriva che tutte le azioni che in un normale libro cartaceo sono immediate e scontate, come ad esempio lo scorrere le pagine o l'inserimento di un segnalibro, possono essere emulate dal software del dispositivo di lettura.