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The common way of creating a if the user is not allowed to delete that resource.

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To update or replace multiple resources, it’s exactly the same thing, besides the value of the resource’s id, which will be the one we would have use for a single resource ( We could even match request and response based on position in the list.

In that case, we must be aware that there are two types of errors, the one concerning one or more of the resources and the one concerning the request itself.

This quick reminder is there to show how we use the HTTP protocol in REST APIs to express what we want to do and what happened in a clear and consistent way when working with a single resource: How to provide resources data and identifier will slightly vary depending on the action.

To provide all needed information for a creation, we have to send an array of items containing a unique identifier determined by the consumer ( will be used in the response to identify the response corresponding to this resource.

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