Kati dating chatting - Can we still be friends after dating

For other people (see: Taylor Swift and like…almost all of her exes) it doesn’t work out so well.

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”The answer to this question will vary and be multilayered depending on numerous factors, so to give cookie-cutter conclusions would not be helpful.

What might be more beneficial would be if we discuss some questions and principles that will help you weigh through your specific circumstances.

Should I try to be friends with him if this is the only way to keep him in my life, knowing that I'll always hope for more (especially with what he said, see above)?

I do appreciate him as a friend, but I'm terribly attracted to him and I'm afraid I'll get hurt.

, 48% of people try to be friends with their exes after a breakup. 8 Girl Code Rules You Must Follow For Dealing With Your Friends’ Exes Follow Gurl, pretty please!