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The two girls were reported missing later that afternoon.Police confirmed that a double homicide investigation was underway but would not comment on the cause of death of the two girls.

judgment on the liability of online service providers for the unlawful speech of others.

Somewhat puzzlingly, the Court reached the opposite conclusion from that of last summer’s controversial Grand Chamber ruling, this time finding that a violation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) had occurred through the imposition of liability on the applicant providers.

Reconstruction began in 370 BC but ceased after a series of sacred wars (Valavanis 234).

The Phokians, for political reasons, donated a huge sum of money, which was largely responsible for the continuation of construction (Valavanis 235).

While in principle therefore the judgment is good news for both internet intermediaries and their end-users, the ruling does little to dispel the legal uncertainty that plagues the area: attempting to reverse and head off in the right direction, the Court still finds itself falling over the stumbling blocks it set out for itself last year.