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And then unexpectedly, Valeria, a stunning woman and famous supermodel, will cross paths with Octavio, while in the meantime, her pampered little dog Richie manages to vanish into thin air in the confined space of her apartment.

Lastly, Chivo, an ex-guerrilla vagabond, after abandoning his little daughter, unable to make up for lost time, he channels his love to the city's strays and a mortally wounded Rottweiler.

In Jerusalem, he meets modern-day prophets of three religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

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But not only the long conversations, but also the life of Jerusalm and the prophets is to teach him something.

You might say that to really understand the three monotheist religions so strongly affecting the life in Europe, one should go to Jerusalem and see where the ideals and the myths were born... In 'Jerusalem, min elskede', we see one man having done that.

In this case, the director chose to take a very strong personal touch. Then again, the war of religious groups is what we always get to see from Jerusalem, so someone might forgive the attempt to fade the violent side. What this movie really lacks is a portrait of an extreme right-wing Jude - an extreme islamist is shortly shown.