Can graduate students dating professors

However, for me, being against professor-pupil affairs isn’t political as much as protective.The classes that my husband and I now teach (at separate schools) are filled with 18- and 19-year-olds who moved to the big city just to get their degrees, as I did.The Askew School exists to prepare students for careers in public service.

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We, therefore, endorse the essential concept upon which Florida State's Student Academic Honor Code is based -- personal responsibility.

The FSU Student Handbook delineates the Honor Code, identifies student rights and responsibilities, the procedures to provide due process, and penalties.

Woody Allen’s new movie, “Irrational Man,” explores the link between a 40-year-old philosophy professor and his pretty young student.

At my NYU graduate program in the 80s, affairs between senior married male professors and female freshmen were so common that when a nubile girl boasted that a certain famous poet loved her “body of work,” nobody was the least bit surprised.

As York’s associate dean of arts, more than 10 years ago, I learned that a faculty member had been the instructor in all the courses his lover had taken in her major.