Dating the synoptic gospels

John also gets rid of virtually all the kingdom sayings and when he keeps them (John 3) they have nothing to do with predictions of the imminent coming of the kingdom. There are predictions of an imminent kingdom within the lifetime of some of Jesus’ audience (Mark 9:1) and a prediction that the second coming of Jesus will occur within a generation (Mark ).Taking into account the not particularly long life span and the standard definition of a generation this gives us an outline of about 30-40 years when these things should have taken place and support the fairly obvious, namely that John and 2 Peter were finished sometime after the 70s.

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A careful comparison of the four Gospels reveals that Matthew, Mark and Luke are noticeably similar, while John is quite different.

The first three Gospels agree extensively in language, in the material they include, and in the order in which events and sayings from the life of Christ are recorded.

We have already seen how there is a clear connection between the three synoptic gospels.

We should now endeavor to explain why Mark is usually understood to be written first.

An instance of verbatim agreement is found in Mt a; Mk a; Lk .