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As opposed to looking at a prospective partner only through physical ways, I have learned to look at someone from the physical, logical and emotional side. With over 60 video testimonials and over 550 publicly available videos about gay psychology, Paul is the world’s leader in gay education about the psychology of romantic relationships and gay sexuality.

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All work completed within the last two years, both functional and sculptural, is eligible.

Every year, whether it's the competition or the invitational, the opening weekend is filled with fun and educational events.

Only then I can have a truly successful relationship. I was not doing well socially, I wasn’t making friends I wasn’t meeting anyone very much. Paul’s contribution to the world of gay psychology includes the development of a brand new gay philosophy and a brand-new framework for gay sexuality that simplifies dating, creates commitment and monogamy.

Paul has been very helpful, and I am leading a much nicer life now. He is an example that at whatever age, and from whatever country you are, you can succeed like he. I learned how to motivate myself, how to challenge myself and to overcome every fear and every issue that I find in my life.

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