Internet dating euphemisms

What I've found through almost a decade of digital perusal is that everything we say (or don't say) in our profiles provides quite the detailed glimpse into the kind of person we are.

We may not know this as we write it, but our dating profiles reveal much more about us than we first expect.

She’s a bit reluctant about putting her profile online and not quite sure what to expect from it. ”, but I acknowledge that people in long-term relationships can be embarrassingly out of touch with the dating scene and all its intricacies.

She has also admitted that she’d be pretty embarrassed if anyone found out she was looking online. I know two couples who met online (one of them is married) and they are all lovely, normal, one-headed people who I’m sure wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

“I wanted to get some views on online dating from the Mamamia community.