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-One last one that really leaves a lasting impression on their heart, ask them daily when they get home what YOU can do to make their day better.

And be sure to hop right to it if you get an answer from them! The writers of this movie have actually put together a work-book called the The Love Dare, that can take you to the next step in repairing anything that may need attention.

Not only because it’s the beginning of spring, renewal and more sunshine, but it is the only month that is also a verb.

That may be […] We are offering a *SPECIAL PROMOTION* for participants of The Dating Divas 3rd annual Successful Marriages teleretreat for our upcoming intimacy workshop for women: On the edge of the bed – A tastefully SEXY workshop for women.

It will be at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, Utah May 18th, 2013 from 9-4.