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Regardless of what really happened, Twitter seems to be feeling the Clark-Darden pairing on the show: It makes sense that the two would fall for each other.

They had to spend a lot of time together and they were also two of the most hated people in America (in certain circles) throughout the trial. includes references to their real life relationship during the trial — a little sexual tension to counterbalance the racial tensions.

I present here a hypothesis that men, after divorce, choose one of two essential pathways for their future.

I hope to introduce an idea for discussion, and for divorced men, to provide a construct for decision-making about your future.

Tre mesi dopo si sposarono e nel 1982 si trasferirono con i loro tre figli April, Chris (che ai tempi aveva quattro anni) e Tamie a Iola, un paesino sperduto a 100 miglia a nord di Houston, nel Texas.