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The DOMAIN NAME shall remain registered by the current REGISTRANT.

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When registering a PROTECTED DOMAIN NAME in the top level zone .bg, the LABEL is formed by: When the existence of grounds is considered according to a future uncertain event, a conditional agreement for registration of the domain name shall be signed with the REGISTRANT. When a postponed condition is fulfilled and when an impossibility occurs regarding the fulfillment of a terminable condition, the conditional agreement shall become unconditional regarding the event, whereas when an impossibility occurs regarding the fulfillment of a postponed condition or when a terminable condition is fulfilled, the agreement shall be canceled from the moment of learning of the fact by the REGISTRY. When cancelling a conditional agreement under it., the REGISTRANT can change the DOMAIN NAME registration to make the DOMAIN NAME UNPROTECTED by submitting an APPLICATION for changing the DOMAIN NAME registration details. The DOMAIN NAME is UNPROTECTED and the applicant who has raised the DISPUTE procedure has grounds to use this LABEL with an earlier priority than the REGISTRANT. Every application for DISPUTE shall be given a unique number and shall be dated. Payment for the DISPUTE service shall be done within a 15 /fifteen/ day period from the creation of the application for DISPUTE. In case the REGISTRY does not receive the DISPUTE fee payment within the period indicated in it.11.8., the REGISTRY shall cancel the DISPUTE procedure related to the created APPLICATION FOR DISPUTE. With the fee payment reception for the APPLICATION FOR DISPUTE, the REGISTRANT shall be informed that there is an APPLICATION FOR DISPUTE for the registration of the registered thereof DOMAIN NAME.

An abbreviation formed out of one or some of the words being part of the full name and the first characters of the remaining words (observing their sequence). An abbreviation formed out of the first characters of the words forming the full name, observing their sequence (abbreviation). When the applicant’s name contains a number, it is accepted the domain name to be formed out of the number in say-format, and vice-versa. When a name is composite, formed out of separate words or initial characters of words used generally to form the name, the hyphen sign (-) can be put on place. When a label cannot be formed in any of the enumerated ways, as it is no longer available, after the requested combination of characters (as provided for in it., it., it., it. The name may be translated to a foreign language or transliterated with ASCII characters. When registering PROTECTED DOMAIN NAMES in the top level zone .bg, conditional agreements can be signed under the following conditions: Every dispute concerning the DOMAIN NAME registration is examined in accordance with the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS. DISPUTE can be made for every current DOMAIN NAME registration in the zone. The DISPUTE applicant can request termination of the DOMAIN NAME registration only if the LABEL of the registered DOMAIN NAME is identical with the full name of which he/she has grounds to use (it. As a result of the DISPUTE, a registered DOMAIN NAME can be transfered in favour of the applicant who has raised the DISPUTE procedure in the following cases: 11.4.1. Before the beginning of a DISPUTE, the applicant shall create an application for registration of the DOMAIN NAME in the zone which shall be under DISPUTE. The DISPUTE procedure starts with the creation of an APPLICATION FOR DISPUTE. The application for DISPUTE shall be created on-line via Internet through the information server of the REGISTRY /

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Otherwise, the DISPUTE COMMITTEE shall make a decision based on the documents available at the REGISTRY by the end of the period. After the deadline of the REGISTRANT to answer and send documents, the DISPUTE COMMITTEE makes a decision in a closed session about the dispute, based on the documents from both sides provided by the respective deadlines. Based on the position of the DIPSUTE COMMITTEE, the REGISTRY makes a decision about the dispute within a 30 /thirty/ day period after the deadlines for provision of documents by the DISPUTE applicant and the REGISTRANT, as both sides in the dispute will be informed of this decision via e-mail through the given to the REGISTRY e-mails addresses, indicated as REGISTRANT and ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACTS by either party. If the decision of the REGISTRY is in favour of the REGISTRANT, the DOMAIN NAME registration shall not be changed. If the decision of the REGISTRY is in favour of the DISPUTE applicant, the latter shall be given the opportunity to make a payment for the registration and support fees of the DOMAIN NAME within a 15 /fifteen/ day period from the notification sent via e-mail, as indicated in it.11.14.