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Still, it seems that if you're advertising unlimited service in huge fonts on the front page of your service, you really shouldn't be able to get away with redefining a very common term in the fine print, and then arbitrarily cutting people off.

In this two-part guide, analyst Lee Doyle reveals the top 7 SD-WAN trends to watch for this year, and our editors compare 13 leading SD-WAN products in one handy infographic to help guide your purchasing decision.

The radios inside the phone already support global roaming, but Verizon has chosen not to make the ability available at launch.

This is similar to what Verizon did with the Motorola RAZR, RAZR MAXX, DROID 4 and the HTC Rezound.

Verizon did fail to mention when this update will actually be offered after the launch of the phone, so it’s anyone’s guess how long their customers will have to wait.