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Hi there, My problem is to that I'm trying to gather data from multiple workbooks (I have 600) and get it into one master worksheet.

All the file names are different but are in one folder.

What I need is a VBA macro that will compare the two workbooks and highlight the differences and (ideally) update the workbook which is on my computer (It can either update the master workbook, or it can create a new workbook).

The row of data I want to copy from each workbook is located in the same area on a similar named sheet (i.e Sheet3), and I was hoping if there was a macro that I could run to copy the row from each workbook and paste it into the master workbook in the next blank row.

Close Save Changes:= xls Files = Active Workbook r = ws Master.

Hey Guys, I would first like to thank all the contributors to this site, it is very useful.

I have been looking around this site for a few days now and although I've found some similar problems, I cannot find a solution to my particular problem. One "base" workbook which is updated by the team on a weekly/monthly basis.

I then have another workbook (basically a master copy) which resides on my computer and is shown to the execs on a weekly/monthly basis.