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) For two years they traveled around the country and were the back up band for their dad. Our main topics include trusting God, purity, and our stand on not dating.

During one concert Lauren, who was the keyboard player at the time, caught sight of a drumset, fell in love.... Soon after that the girls began experimenting with song writing and out of that came songs never to be played or heard of again During that time they decided to start their own band and have been one for the past three and a half years. Trust- "We believe that God is calling everyone to live a life that is fully surrendered to Him so that He can do His work in us and begin to show us His true purpose for our lives.

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NEGATIVE 2: Mum: "Em, have a look at this" (This being - for example - a taupe-coloured shapeless dress with a cowl neck and long sleeves) Me: "EURGH!

That's the sort of thing a Barlow Girl woud wear!

Barlow Girl was an American Christian rock–CCM all-female band from Elgin, Illinois.

The band was composed of sisters Alyssa (lead vocals, bass, keyboard), Rebecca (backing vocals, guitar), and Lauren (co-lead vocals, drums) Barlow.

I mean it's not like this is more fulfilling than anything else in the world, you know? This is a hard journey." Becca adds, "A couple of years ago I really thought that I had to be married to be defined in my life.