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Proponents of masturbation can't decide whether May 7th or May 28th is International Masturbation Day. Regardless of cultural attitudes and values, masturbation has been found in all societies.10. Married people also have more sexual intercourse than those who are not.11.

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In Japan, it's illegal to make sex toys that resemble a penis. Masturbation can help build up one's resistance to annoying yeast infections.19.

On that same note, you may get yeast infection if you use your saliva during masturbation. If you need something extra, buy some organic lube.20.

[Section 2] Coz I'm a chilled out drunk when I drink right And I'm aware of the fact my body ain't built for the fight night But it gives me the chance to relax and forget the fact I'm tall and white But a bottle of vodka neat later I keep drinking that ego inflator I start thinking I'm Brad Pitt Only less chiseled and more tragic I start texting my ex's I'm lying, I wish I had ex's I'm texting girls that I wanna to have sex with It's 3am and I won't stop pesting: Hey you, it's three in the morning, I'm thinking about you Only reason I'm drinking is about you So come here and have sex with me Please I'm begging you!

No text back now I'm cringing Wondering why I keep whinging Coz a day goes by and I don't look back And I'm gonna go back to the binging It's a strange thing, but I've just started fingering Got a smell on my finger's that lingering Sick of small talk girls just mingling' Just give me the sex, my cocks tingling Anyway, back the girl them serious Come round girls, chill with a beer with us We got condoms, lubricant here with us Watch Black Hawk Down, cry tears with us We got a big TV with a HD input, wild life documentary Serious, here with us Watching a meerkat move on a HD screen is mysterious Wait, now my phone's vibrating I got a text from that girl I was dating Well, when I say dating I mean, looking on her Facebook and masturbating Went to Tesco to buy some chicken Found a girl so I stuck my dick in Ended up in the back fruit aisle The cops turned up, I said I'm just cherry picking Got head on plane after take-off, found a girl So I got her to take off, all her clothes, then she said shown up!

You'll never think about masturbation the same way again! This month just won't be complete without delving more into this subject.1. Joycelyn Elders for suggesting to teach masturbation to help with AIDS prevention. One of the first depictions of a female masturbating was found in a clay figurine in a temple in Malta. In 17th century Connecticut, masturbators were eligible for the death penalty.6.