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Identified parties should contact the department for specifics on this statute.For more information see Private Employment Agencies.

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Court filings involving opioid offenses have remained relatively flat in recent years, and illegal use has decreased for hydrocodone and oxycodone, two of the most popular opiates, according to a report from public health and crime experts presented to the Johnson County Commission in June. Despite those encouraging numbers, local officials are wary.

Earlier this year, Karen Fuller, a former news anchor at KCTV-5, sued the station's owner, alleging the company created an age-ceiling for female anchors.

Breaks are not required under state or federal law. Kansas is an employment at will state which means your employer can fire you for any non-discriminatory and/or non-retaliatory reason.

However, many employers schedule breaks to boost employee morale and productivity. However, there are some exceptions to this doctrine. Because Kansas is an employment at will state, an employee can quit his/her job without any notice.

Establishes: Definitions of employer, employee and wages; when wages must be paid, including at separation of employment; payment of undisputed wages; liability of general contractors; rules on withholding of wages; rules on notifications to employees; assessment of interest and/or penalties; the hearing process; individual liability of corporate officers or agents and more. Guarantees a minimum wage of $7.25 for workers above the age of 18 years.